General Rules

1. OK Plus Corporate Programme

  • 1.1 The OK Plus Corporate programme (hereinafter also referred to as “the Programme”) is a marketing frequent buyer programme run by České aerolinie a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “Czech Airlines”). The programme’s purpose is to help further improve the services provided by Czech Airlines and offer benefits to corporate clients who use Czech Airlines transport on a regular basis. Corporate clients who wish to enjoy the benefits of their OK Plus Corporate membership must be enrolled in the programme by their company.
  • 1.2 Under the programme, a Company shall mean a corporate entity registered in the Commercial or other corporate Register, i.e. associations of natural and legal persons, special-purpose associations of assets, units of state administration and regional self-government, interest associations of legal entities, natural persons carrying on business under the Trade Act or other legal regulations, political parties and movements registered under the relevant act (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”).
  • 1.3 By enrolling in the OK Plus Corporate programme using the registration form, Companies enter into an agreement with Czech Airlines, registered seat at: K Letišti 1068/30, Ruzyně, 161 00 Praha 6, Company Reg. No.: 45795908, registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Entry 1662, subject to these OK Plus Corporate Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”).

2. OK Plus Corporate Membership

  • 2.1 OK Plus Corporate programme membership is free.
  • 2.2 Companies pursuing their business activities in countries where the programme is run (please see the list of countries) with assigned Company ID numbers or other registration numbers may enrol in the Programme, provided they have not been expelled from the Programme before.
  • 2.3 OK Plus Corporate programme membership is conditioned by the appointment of a Contact Person (hereinafter referred to as “the Contact Person”) during the registration process to be in charge of the communication with Czech Airlines on behalf of the Company regarding the drawing of rewards under the Programme.
  • 2.4 Travel agencies, offices, associations and tour operators alongside ticketing offices, Czech Airlines and the legal persons belonging to the same Concern, including Czech Airlines’ daughter companies are banned from OK Plus Corporate programme membership.
  • 2.5 OK Plus Corporate Programme membership starts on the day of the Company’s registration in the Programme. The Company must submit a completed registration form, confirm its acceptance of the Terms and provide its consent with the provision of the Company data for the purpose of drawing of rewards subject to the OK Plus Corporate programme membership.
  • 2.6 Upon the completion of the registration process, Czech Airlines confirms the membership by electronic mail.
  • 2.7 A registered Company is assigned a Company Identification Number and has an Account opened for collecting points (hereinafter referred to as “the Company Account”) which can only be administered online. There can only be one ID No. per Company.
  • 2.8 The OK Plus Corporate programme membership starts on the day the membership is confirmed by Czech Airlines electronically.
  • 2.9 Only one registration form per Company will be accepted. In case of multiple registrations, only the first registration form received will be processed.
  • 2.10 OK Plus Corporate membership is automatically terminated in the event that:
       a) No flights were credited to the Company’s OK Plus Corporate account in 24 months and/or
       b) The Company moves its seat to a country where the Programme is not offered (please refer to the list of countries) and/or
       c) The Company’s registration or identification number is cancelled and/or
       d) The Company terminates its business activities due to liquidation or otherwise.
  • 2.11 At any point during their membership, Companies can ask Czech Airlines to terminate their membership. A written membership termination note signed by a Person authorised to act on behalf of the Company must be mailed to Czech Airlines registered address.
  • 2.12 Czech Airlines reserves the right to expel Companies from the Programme with immediate effect and/or delete all collected points from their Company Accounts and/or cancel the provided rewards based on their OK Plus Corporate membership, including already issued reward tickets, in the event:
       a) The Terms have been breached and/or
       b) Detailed Terms and Conditions for the Carriage of Passengers, Baggage and Goods in Air Transport published by Czech Airlines have been breached and/or
       c) Reward miles were credited and flights registered to the Company Account for flights not purchased by the Company or for flights purchased by a person not in a labour-law governed or similar relationship with the Company and/or
       d) Wrong information of a serious nature is provided and/or fraud and abuse of the Programme is proven, including non-compliance with the OK Plus Corporate programme procedures and/or
       e) the Company and/or the Contact Person and/or the Company employees fail to follow instructions provided by Czech Airlines employees and/or
       f) The Company fails to provide its consent with the OK Plus Corporate Terms and Conditions in effect.
  • 2.13 As at the date of membership termination and/or the date a Company is expelled from the Programme, Czech Airlines clears the balance of the Company Account without compensation. The Company may no longer collect and/or use reward points under the Programme and all entitlements of the Company towards Czech Airlines based on its OK Plus Corporate programme membership are thereto terminated.

3. OK Plus Corporate Points

  • 3.1 Points are the basic unit used by the Programme, reflecting the loyalty level of the enrolled Company.
  • 3.2 Individual Czech Airlines flights are awarded a particular number of points credited to the Company’s Account for using these flights.
  • 3.3 During the OK Plus Corporate programme membership, the points validity is limited to 24 months from the date the Company earns the right to have the points credited to its Company Account, i.e. from the date the ticket price is paid, provided the Company concurrently complies with the provisions of these Terms.
  • 3.4 Points are credited for flights purchased by the Company in the country of its OK Plus Corporate registration for regular Czech Airlines-operated OK flights, provided the Company pays the ticket price pursuant to the respective tariff, the conditions of which do not exclude such point crediting. Points can only be credited to the Company Account for purchased and consecutively used tickets with the 064 airline code issued under the J, C, D, I, Y, M, B, H, K, T, A, L, X, Q, U, V, N, S, W, O, G, P and R booking classes. The current point value of flights can be reviewed at:
  • 3.5 Points are credited to the Company Account automatically within 7 days from the day the flight is flown, provided the Company uses its ID No., assigned pursuant to Article 2.7 of these Terms, when purchasing the ticket or registers the purchased flight via its online Programme Account.
  • 3.6 Points for taken flights can only be credited to the Company Account if the flights took place during the Company’s OK Plus Corporate programme membership.
  • 3.7 Points for one flight can only be credited to one OK Plus Corporate programme Account, the Account owned by the Company that had purchased the flight.
  • 3.8 No points are awarded for charter flights.
  • 3.9 No points are awarded for reward flights and flights with AD and ID tickets as well as tickets with “NO FFP, NO MILEAGE ACCRUAL, NO CREDIT” listed under the ticket ENDORSEMENT policy. Neither are points awarded for tickets issued under the E and Z booking classes. Czech Airlines reserves the right to partially or completely exclude selected bonus tariffs from the points chart and to do so at any time during the effect of the Programme.
  • 3.10 Points for flights can only be credited once. Flights that qualify for reward collection under multiple marketing programmes may only be used to collect reward points under one programme unless otherwise stated.
  • 3.11 In the event of a merger of Companies, or a take-over of one Company by another, points may only be transferred to the account of a selected Company registered in the OK Plus Corporate programme with the consent of Czech Airlines. The request must be submitted to:
  • 3.12 Czech Airlines reserves the right to deduct points from a Company Account at any time for flights not paid to the carrier by the Company, flights not performed and flights not subject to the points system and/or flights with points value other than that already credited to the Account.
  • 3.13 In the event of disputes, Czech Airlines reserves the right to request the presentation of the ticket (in cases of e-tickets, the e-ticket itinerary) and the boarding pass to verify whether or not a flight was taken. All documents and all correspondence must reach Czech Airlines electronically, be legible and drafted in either Czech or English language. Unless stated otherwise, all correspondence must be sent to All claims regarding flights must be placed within 12 months from the date of the flight.

4. Ways of Redeeming Points – Rewards Under OK Plus Corporate

  • 4.1 Rewards under the OK Plus Corporate programme comprise reward tickets for Czech Airlines-operated OK flights and other rewards offered by Czech Airlines for the points collected by Companies.
  • 4.2 Companies may only obtain rewards for points credited to their Company Accounts under the OK Plus Corporate programme. It is not possible to purchase additional points with cash or miles from accounts of OK Plus programme members. The number of points required to obtain various rewards is specified in the points chart (odkaz na tabulku). Czech Airlines reserves the right to change the number of points required to obtain a specific reward during the course of the Company programme membership.
  • 4.3 Companies may use the rewards under the Programme for people appointed by the Contact Person.
  • 4.4 A reward ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. Czech Airlines reserves the right to restrict the number of passengers with reward tickets on certain flights. No reward tickets are issued for certain flights. Further details will be provided by Czech Airlines offices.
  • 4.5 One open-jaw, i.e. the airport of arrival at the final destination on the outbound trip need not be the same as the airport of departure on the inbound trip, provided they are within one zone (e.g., Prague-Frankfurt on the outbound trip, and Brussels-Prague on the inbound trip), is permitted per one trip performed using a reward ticket. One stopover is permitted per one trip performed using a reward ticket, i.e. the possibility to break the journey, but only for a maximum of one day. The issuance of a one-way reward ticket is not permitted.
  • 4.6 Rewards (reward tickets) are subject to all applicable fees, charges and taxes. All taxes and fees related to the rewards are subject to payments by the Company. Any taxation of the rewards received shall be the liability of the person acquiring the rewards.
  • 4.7 It is possible to change dates/flight numbers of already issued reward tickets. It is also possible to request changes in the routing prior to the start of the journey, provided the changes are within the same zone. It is possible to return issued but unused reward tickets while still valid before the start of the journey and have the respective amount of points re-credited to the Company Account from which points were taken to purchase the reward tickets. 1,000 points will be deducted from the Company Account for any returned reward ticket.
  • 4.8 Reward tickets cannot be changed or refunded after the scheduled departure date. In such cases, only unused airport charges may be reclaimed. Points, other fees and service charges are non-refundable.
  • 4.9 Should the entitlement to use a reward ticket be questioned, passengers holding reward tickets may be asked to prove their identity.
  • 4.10 The use of rewards under the OK Plus Corporate programme by persons not entitled to such rewards pursuant to the programme Terms will result in the reward withdrawal. In cases where the unauthorised person already commenced their journey using a reward ticket, all costs of the already used as well as subsequent transport will be charged to the person.
  • 4.11 Points are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Neither can points be sold, exchanged and credited to Accounts of other OK Plus Corporate programme members.

5. OK Plus Corporate Final Provisions

  • 5.1 By enrolling in the OK Plus Corporate Programme, the Companies undertake to follow the Programme Terms as amended. Czech Airlines reserves the right to change and/or amend the Terms at any time, including adjustments made to the ways of collecting and redeeming points under the Programme and to do so even without prior notice.
  • 5.2 Companies are notified of changes to the Programme Terms via the OK Plus Corporate programme website. Changes come into effect the moment they are published unless stated otherwise. Czech Airlines will make every reasonable effort to inform Companies of the changes to the OK Plus Corporate Programme or its termination. However, Czech Airlines is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the respective changes.
  • 5.3 A Company in breach of the Terms will be fully responsible for damages incurred by Czech Airlines as a result.
  • 5.4 Companies are obliged to immediately notify Czech Airlines of all cases of lost or compromised Account passwords. Czech Airlines is not responsible for any potential damage due to abuse of such compromised passwords.
  • 5.5 Every breach of the Programme Terms may result in cancellation of rights to the points collected, inability to draw rewards under the OK Plus Corporate programme or cancellation of rewards, including already issued reward tickets and other perks.
  • 5.6 The provided company data may be used for marketing research, advertising and business solicitation purposes pursuant to Section 7 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., as amended, in relation to any existing and future Czech Airlines projects and services. The data will be used by Czech Airlines and may only be provided to third parties to ensure the provision of perks based on the Programme membership. The Company data may be changed and/or deleted at any time.
  • 5.7 Information regarding personal data protection adopted by Czech Airlines is provided here. (odkaz)
  • 5.8 The OK Plus Corporate Programme is subject to the laws of the Czech Republic. Czech Airlines reserves the right to terminate the Programme membership agreement entered into with the Company at any time and/or to cancel points collected under the Programme pursuant to Point 2.12 of these Terms.
  • 5.9 These Terms come into effect as of 18 April 2018 and replace all previous agreements concluded by and between the Company and Czech Airlines.